At AM.SHIELDS, we’re more than an interior design and architecture firm. We are your partners in creating spaces that resonate on a deeply personal level, capturing the elusive essence of beauty. Rooted in principles of elemental, organic, and elevated design, we specialize in crafting environments that seamlessly blend with the rich cultural fabric of our surroundings.


Founder & Principal Designer
Element: Air

Allison M. Shields is an interior designer and architect with an organic yet eclectic approach to design, deeply influenced by the array of cultural experiences throughout her life. Born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the fusion of Pueblo and Spanish Colonial architecture impressed upon her irrevocably. Her palette was further formed by the style and sense of her parents, whose art collection was curated from travels around the world and their work as a global hotelier and Ford model/luxury realtor. She spent years in her twenties living abroad in Sicily and Florence, speaking Italian, absorbing the aesthetic, and embodying their ways of living.

She began her design work in New York and Los Angeles, living, studying, and working in these powerhouse cities that led the field of art and design in the US, for over a decade. Her credentials include a Bachelor’s in Humanities and Art History with a Minor in Italian from Loyola Marymount University and a Master’s in Interior Architecture from UCLA. She formed her company, AM.SHIELDS in Los Angeles in 2017, working with clients primarily in California, New York, and Montana. In 2022, she returned to Santa Fe and continues to work with residential and commercial clients, bringing her unique vision to projects of all scales. Her skills include: designing floor plans for new builds and renovations, custom furniture and lighting design, interior design, space planning, and project management. Her designs delight the eye and the soul… disciplined and curated, elegant and comfortable, unusual and beautiful. 


Strategy & Business Development 
Element: Earth

Maya is the anchor of our team, with deep roots in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She ventured beyond her hometown to explore cities like Los Angeles, New York, London, and Sydney in her twenties. Throughout her career, she excelled in strategy and business development, bringing strategic concepts to life for various companies.

Her journey into building and design began when she partnered with AM.SHIELDS to construct her own home in Santa Fe. Immersed in the local architecture and design scene, Maya struggled to find a partner who truly understood the essence of New Mexico’s heritage—until she met AM.SHIELDS. Collaborating closely with Allison, Maya realized her passion for transforming design concepts into reality.


Brand & Creative Direction
Element: Water

A progressive force for growth and transformation committed to co-creativity over hierarchy, Lindsay thrives on developing and amplifying brands across various channels, forging strategic partnerships, and shaping brand identities. With experience in both corporate and start-up settings, Lindsay excels in communication, cultivating strong relationships with partners, clients, and team members alike. Passionate about the intersection of aesthetics and strategy, Lindsay is committed to shaping new perceptions of brand power. Most importantly, she lives by the ethos – if you see beauty, you will experience love.